Ramon Molinas Foundation

IPM works alongside the Ramon Molinas Foundation (RMF), an organisation named after the first president and co-founder of the IPM Group. RMF was created in the year 2012 and aims to help the progress of individuals and society in the fields of technology, science and social action. To achieve this goal and be an effective tool for change, RMF focuses its work in the following areas:

Training and research

Through its training and research program, the Ramon Molinas Foundation is committed to investing in the training of the emerging labour force. This branch of work aims to facilitate further education for students and university graduates so that they are able to reach their full potential.

RMF's activity in this area centres around the establishment of a number of awards and scholarships.

Social action

The Ramon Molinas Foundation (RMF), with its social action programme, is committed to the society to which it belongs and has developed various initiatives to help alleviate the inequalities suffered by individuals and disadvantaged groups.

To encourage social integration, RMF provides specialised training, all the necessary materials and financial support to its programs, as well as seeking collaboration with other organisations in the sector.

About the founder

Ramon Molinas Belza (Barcelona, 1940-2012), co-founder and first president of the IPM Group, established the Ramon Molinas Foundation. Ramon Molinas was a pioneer in the introduction of information technologies and communication to the Iberian Peninsula. His entrepreneurial spirit helped him to develop extensive business experience and reach remarkable success, alongside his ability to generate new ideas and his resolve to leave behind outdated technology. This is the factor that allowed him to continuously adapt to the great challenges of the past few decades.

Ramon Molinas was convinced that the values of education and solidarity drive the development of people and of society. He believed that perseverance and dedication are essential tools for progress in a better world. During the final years of his life, he focused his attention on developing and nurturing the foundation, promoting social action and the education of young people in information and communication technologies.

With these objectives in mind, on 7th May 2012 Ramon Molinas established the foundation that bears his name and ensured his legacy. The RMF is currently chaired by co-founder and current President of the IPM Group Anne Topping, who preserves the social commitment and enthusiasm of Ramon Molinas.

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